More Than 8,200 Farmers Will Benefit From The Millennium Challenge Account Of Honduras Through The Farmers Training And Development Program

During a ceremony held on September 17th at the Presidential Palace, Mr. Elvin Santos, Acting President of the Republic, launched the Farmers Training and Development Activity (FTDA).

The FTDA Program is financed through funding derived from the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and has been designed to increase productivity and to upgrade competitiveness for more than 8,200 medium and small farmers and their employees. As Vice-president Santos explained, the intention is to facilitate their transition from basic grains production to that of high-value horticultural products, converting more than 14,000 hectares and creating more than 20,000 permanent jobs.

The ceremony was also attended by Ambassador Danilovich, Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, who conveyed his satisfaction for the FTDA program initiation.

Danilovich explained that the Compact with Honduras represents foreign assistance with accountability for the people and the government of the United States, and in which in order to obtain the expected goals and benefits, the Government of Honduras has the responsibility to implement the program efficiently and assertively.

“We have very specific goals concerning poverty reduction for farmers included in the Program. Within the Compact there are also very precise indicators that will be applied to guarantee that goals are met and that they are reaching the targeted population”, Danilovich conferred.

The Program will provide technical assistance and training for participating farmers, based on market oriented production, which has proved to represent an efficient tool to increase Honduran farmers income as well as rural employment opportunities, as it was indicated by the Program´s agricultural expert Ricardo Lardizábal during the field inspection carried out during the morning, and in which Vice-president Santos and Ambassador Danilovich had the opportunity to appreciate in detail the scope of the FTDA program.

Martin Ochoa, General Director of the Millennium Challenge Account of Honduras explained that the Farmers Training and Development Activity will amount to US$ 30.4 million and will be funded by resources from the Compact signed between the Honduras Government and MCC.

The Vice-president of Honduras, Elvin Santos; Ambassador Danilovich, Chief Executive Officer of MCC; Héctor Hernández, Minister of Agriculture and Vice-minister Ricardo Arias acting on behalf of the Ministry of the Presidency, during the press conference held during the launching of the FDTA program.

Vice-president Santos accompanied by Ambassador Danilovich, Ambassador Ford and farmers participating in the FTDA program inspecting a celery lot near Soroguara, a rural community near Tegucigalpa.



2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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