Meetings of MECO-CI

In order to implement a mechanism for the coordination, dialogue and exchange of information among the financing institutions involved in the extension and upgrading of the Inter-oceanic Corridor, as of July 6th, 2006, the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing of Honduras (SOPTRAVI) established the Inter-oceanic Corridor Donor Group.

On October 4th, 2006, this new organization met for the third time with the participation of Mr. Andrés Marchant, IDB´s Resident Representative; Mr. Marco Cuadra from the Central American Bank of Economic Integration, Mr. Jonathan Brooks from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Mr.Adrian Fozzard from The World Bank. As special observers were also invited representative of several Honduran governmental institutions, as well as Mr. Mr. Johannes Abebe, Mr. Burak Inanc and Ms. Leah Sullivan, members of MCC visiting missions on infrastructure, environment and social matters.

Among the main subjects discussed during the meeting were:

Presentation of the Acquisition Process for the Right of Way in Sections Financed by IDB.

Mr. Ramón Hernández, Coordinator of SOVTRAVI´s Right of Way Acquisition Process presented the experience obtained in social, legal, administrative and logistic areas, as well as the interaction developed with several governmental institutions to share success stories, surmounted obstacles and lessons learned.

General Report on the Advance of Works of the Inter-oceanic Corridor

This report described, in general, the present situation in each one of the projects incorporated in the Inter-Oceanic Corridor.


Report on the Advance of the Taulabé-La Barca CA-5 Section, financed by IDA Loan 3432-HO.

Mrs. Luz Marina from The World Bank Coordinating Unit at SOPTRAVI explained the location and description of the project, as well as the present situation of the works regarding contractual, administrative and physical-financial aspects.

Reactivation of the Control System of Weight, Dimensions and Capacity of Land Transportation Vehicles.

The General Directorate of Transportation, with The World Bank support, contracted two individual consultants to formulate the study for the Reactivation of the Weight and Dimensions Control System. In this regard, Mr. Jesús Valle explained the legal framework and the work plan of the assignment.

Presentation of the Logistic Inter-Oceanic System

Mr. Norman García, Director of FIDE/TIC, presented the Logistic Inter-Oceanic System, integrated by the airports, highways, customs, maritime ports, railroads and crossings through urban areas that make part and interact with the Inter-Oceanic Corridor, and that need to be analyzed integrally in order to secure full advantage of Honduras strategic location, improve regional and extra-regional competitiveness, incorporate areas of significant tourism potential and lower transportation costs of persons and goods, all in an effort to promote the country´s economic takeoff.

In that regard, it will be necessary to formulate a study to analyze all the above mentioned components, which as expressed by Mr. García, could be financed by the Foundation for Investment and Export Development (FIDE).


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