Implementation of Farmers Access to Credit Activity (FACA) expected to expedite agricultural credit

Tegucigalpa. On January 17, 2007, MCA-Honduras held a conference to present to the different respondents participating in the procurement process, the goals and targets of the Access to Credit Activity, that as part of MCA-Honduras Program, will be financed by the Government of the United States.

The agenda included presentation of the scope of the FACA Program by MCA-Honduras General Director, Martin Ochoa; description of the Farmers Training and Development Activity (FTDA) by Andrew Medlicott, and details regarding products included in the request for proposal by Fredi Arias.

The opportunity of getting accurate information beforehand was considered highly convenient by the representatives of the 14 pre-selected firms, and the opportunity was welcome to present their main doubts regarding TOR´s and the procurement process in general.

FACA´s objective is to facilitate access to credit to small and medium agricultural producers.

It is considered that meetings such as this help to strengthen transparency regarding competitive processes, since they give all firms the same level of opportunity to resolve doubts and to share opinions and experience among them. Attendees also had the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions with members of the evaluation panel.

The firm to be awarded with the contract will be in charge of developing innovative tools to facilitate access to credit for more than the 5,000 farmers that will be participating in the FTDA Project.

By expediting the overall access to credit procedure, and creating a friendly atmosphere between Honduran producers and the banking and financial system, with this program MCA-Honduras expects to reactivate Honduran farmers´ credibility, reduce agricultural credit risk and significantly improve customers service.

Martín Ochoa, MCA-Honduras General Director, during presentation to pre-selected firms.
MCA-Honduras staff and MCC executive personnel clarifying questions from pre-selected firms.


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