During Meeting with Neighbors of La Cuesta
MCA – Honduras reports on Progress in the Transportation Project

Tegucigalpa.- A meeting to inform about advances in the upgrading of the CA-5 North Highway  was held on February 14th, with the participation of neighbors of  the community of La Cuesta 2, a village located within Tegucigalpa´s jurisdiction.

Gustavo Acosta, Director of MCA-Honduras Environment and Social Sectors, explained that the contract to prepare the resettlement plans and to work with the project affected persons and the project beneficiaries will be effective either at the end of March or by the first days of April, 2007.  Mr. Acosta invited them to participate in the process that will be developed to present proposals and to jointly identify solutions for any possible inconveniences that might arise in the resettlement procedures.

Gustavo Acosta presented MC A-Honduras interest in achieving a susccesful resettlement process.

Within the project it has been foreseen the relocation of some of La Cuesta neighbors according to the World Bank’s resettlement policy.  In this sense, MCA-Honduras will comply with compensations for the settlers occupying the right of way of the highways to be upgraded.

The Transportation Project includes improvement of 109 km of the CA-5 North Highway, and approximately 91 km of secondary roads.  This represents an important endorsement for the governmental efforts aimed to benefit from the commercial opportunities now available through the RD-Central America Free Commerce Agreement.

The meeting was conducted within a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

Attendees to the meeting included:  Pastor Ramos, Rubén Hieraldo Sosa, Santos Pedro Méndez, José Ismael Valladares, Francisco Javier Navas, José Arnulfo Juánez, Tiburcio
Flores, Camilo Sosa Cortés, Santos Martín Valeriano, Filiberto Méndez, Pablo Carías,
Juan Ortega, Santos Méndez, Domingo Sosa Salvador, Eulalio Reyes López, Cándida
Rosa Méndez, José P. Méndez, Santos Benito Cortés y María Torres.

The meeting was held within the socialization and public dialogue process being developed as part of the MCA-Honduras transparency policies.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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