Continuing the public consulting process
MCA - Honduras visits Village La Cuesta

Tegucigalpa.- As parte of the information and public consultation processes of the Transportation Project,  Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) officials met on Saturday, March 3, 2007, with all the neighbors of La Cuesta No. 2, a village located in the northern exit of Tegucigalpa. The purpose of the meeting was to inform them about advances in the processes regarding preparation for the resettlement activities to derive from the improvement of the Road CA-5 North.

The main intention is to keep potential beneficiaries and all project affected persons constantly informed with reliable communications, and specially those persons to be affected by the road enlargement and actually located in the right of way.

People present in the meeting in the Village La Cuesta No.2, M.D.C.

Gustavo Acosta, Environment and Social Director of MCA – Honduras, explained that the process to select the firm that will prepare the resettlement plans for each one of the sections is in its final stage.  He also explained that within other important activities to be carried out soon are:  the census and the surveys to be applied to people and families, the cadastre and property valuation, as well as the inventory of the community’s public services that might be affected.

He also informed them that the firm will have the responsibility to attend the neighbors’ individual and collective concerns, and that, and jointly with MCA – Honduras, they will try to identify alternatives to reduce impacts to a minimum, and also define a compensation mechanism for each one of them.

The Board of Trustees of the Village presiding the meeting. Mr. Acosta' s intervention.

Jonathan Brooks, from the Millennium Challenge Corporation, spoke to the people ensuring them that the United states Government funding for the Transportation Project and for the application of a resettlement policy, is aimed to affect a minimum number of persons and to guarantee that, as a result of the resettlement process, families will   improve or, at least, maintain the same living conditions as to the ones they had before the beginning of the Project.

The neighbors of La Cuesta expressed their concerns and comments about the mechanisms and payment procedures for their properties.  They were informed that the policy to be applied demands a mechanism based on market studies and replacement costs of the affected properties.

The Board of Trustees of La Cuesta, conscious of its role as mediator, on behalf of the community requested that the process be addressed considering the national economic development and benefits and the minimum impacts for the neighbors of the Village.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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