MCA-Honduras Access to Credit Activity about to begin

Tegucigalpa.-  During a special act, MCA-Honduras opened the economic proposals submitted by three firms  participating in the process  to implement MCA-Honduras  Farmers Access to Credit  Activity (FACA).  This activity is aimed to facilitate access to credit to more than 8,000 farmers that will be participating as beneficiaries of the Farmers Training and Development Activity (FTDA).

FACA will be implemented through local banks and private financing institutions involved in development and interested in strengthening their risk evaluation methodology, as well as in adopting and implementing innovative financial tools that could respond to the country’s agricultural credit needs.  FACA contemplates the allocation of 110 million lempiras to create a line of credit for farmers participating as beneficiaries of MCA-Honduras program.

Complementing FACA's actions and in coordination with the Ministry of the Presidency and the Ministry of Industry and Trade,   MCA-Honduras is currently promoting a Movable Property Law which will introduce the use of movable goods, accounts receivable and branding  as collateral acceptable for agricultural credit.

The process to select the firm in charge of implementing the activity is being developed according to transparency requirement established by MCC, and it has been satisfactorily assessed by Ambassador Danilovich during his recent visit to Honduras.  In the presence of representatives of the participating firms, the opening act was conducted by Alberto Alvarado representing MCA-Honduras and by Federico Giménez on behalf of MCC.

Moment that offers are opening.
The act was conducted in the presence of representatives of RFP respondents.



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