Needs for additional works identified after reviewing designs of the Tegucigalpa-Comayagua Highway

Tegucigalpa. MCA - Honduras has been reviewing the designs for the enlargement of the Tegucigalpa-Comayagua Highway originally submitted in 2005 to the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and as a result of several modifications applied to the original alignment, it has been possible to minimize the effects on properties and/or persons.

In response to the Government’s request, MCA-Honduras has changed the original design for the Tegucigalpa-Comayagua Highway that included two ascending and one descending lanes, and is now proposing a four-lane section.  Since the additional works will require resources not originally estimated in the Compact, MCA-Honduras presented several alternatives to be considered by the international cooperation agencies in Honduras, such as the San José Bridge located at Kilometer 62.
As a result of the reunion, an agreement was reached to develop a feasibility study to identify the best alternative for the design.

During the meeting to redefine the San José Bridge, attendees included:  The Louis Berger Group’s hydrology and structural specialists Marcelo de la Rosa, Antonio di Pollina, Ayesha Irani and Leonel Castillo; as well as SOPTRAVI’s hydrology specialists Miguel Ángel Matute, and Domingo Velásquez, Esther Alemán attended the meeting representing MCA-Honduras.



2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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