Invasion of the right of way in Tegucigalpa-Taulabé Highway delays upgrading works

Tegucigalpa.- Since 2004, different telecommunication firms have been installing  fiber-optic lines and polls within  the right of way section of Highway CA-5, and as a result of the absence of inspection, the initiation of works to enlarge the Tegucigalpa-Taulabé segment might be affected.     

Representatives of MCA-Honduras, SOPTRAVI’s Right of Way Department, the Louis Berger Group, Inc. and CLARO and NACEL firms met on May 18th in order to coordinate activities to avoid further installations within the right of way section and define a plan to relocate existing cables and polls between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. 

In order to achieve an efficient coordination and avoid use of the area allocated for the enlargement and rehabilitation of Highway CA-5, The Louis Berger Group Inc. will provide with the plans and designs that will allow the telecommunication firms to install their structures outside the enlargement area, avoiding further delays and losses in these private investments.

Attendees agreed to hold periodic meetings to disseminate information regarding progress being obtained in completing the plans and designs. Upon SOPTRAVI’s approval, a copy of the plans will be delivered to Claro and NACEL, to enable them to continue their activities in accordance with the authorization.

Partial view of the attendees.


MCA-Honduras representatives during the meeting.



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