MCA - Honduras signs with ACDI VOCA

MCA-Honduras and ACDI VOCA representatives during the ceremony.


Tegucigalpa.- On May 28th, 2007, and as a result of an international bidding process, MCA-Honduras and ACDI-VOCA signed the contract to implement the Farmer Access to  Credit Program.

This Program will facilitate access to credit to more than 8,000 beneficiaries of the Farmers Training and Development Activity that is currently being implemented by MCA-Honduras, and will be joining efforts with the local banking system as well as with financial and non financial private organizations interested in strengthening their risk assessment methodologies, and in implementing innovative tools addressed to meet the agricultural credit demand at a national level.  

The Program is aimed to allocate 114 million Lempiras among FTDA beneficiaries in a 40 months period, and actions are being undertaken to obtain 200 additional millions from private financing sources.

ACDI VOCA is an American firm dedicated to promote economic opportunities through innovative business practices. It has participated in projects in 135 countries worldwide, supporting economic growth and micro-entrepreneurship empowerment in developing countries; it is actually present in more than 40 countries.   

The contract was signed by Martín Ochoa on behalf of MCA-Honduras and by Robert Fries representing ACDI-VOCA. As observers were also present during the act Daniel Meza, MCA-Honduras Rural Finance Specialist, and Thelonious Trimmell of ACDI VOCA.



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