With the participation of municipalities in the promotional workshops
The identification of Farms to Market Roads to be financed by MCA-Honduras begins

Tegucigalpa.-  Of the  298 existing Honduran municipalities, approximately 200 participated in the events held nationwide to  officially  present MCA-Honduras Farms to Market Roads Activity. With a budget of about 21.5 million dollars, this activity is aimed to provide local farmers with more and better access to markets and social services, as well as to reduce transportation costs.

MCA-Honduras invited all municipalities to attend any of the five workshops scheduled in Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, Santa Rosa de Copán and Juticalpa; giving them the opportunity to choose the most convenient and nearest location to travel to.
 MCA-Honduras presented the eligibility criteria in San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Santa Rosa de Copán and Juticalpa. The inaugural event took place in Tegucigalpa.

During these workshops, it was possible to present the eligibility criteria being applied to access to MCC funding; since, in order to be selected the rural roads to be improved must present a profitability index of at least 12%, and a co-financing capability -either in cash or in-kind- of 20% of the total cost of the works, this co-financing will be estimated according to the current municipal poverty rate.

Although the municipal authorities expressed their concern regarding the limited resources available through the Program, they agreed on the co-financing and maintenance policies defined as requirements by MCA-Honduras.

Engineering consultants, acting as MCA-Honduras Facilitators, helped in the process aimed to identify, prioritize and assess the information provided by the municipalities on the roads being proposed for improvement.  As part of the process, the proposed roads will also be inspected in coordination with the local authorities.



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