With the Participation of National Financial Organizations
MCA-Honduras Starts Assistance to Facilitate Credit Access to the Program’s Farmers

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Partial view of attendees to the workshop.

Tegucigalpa.- In an official event, and as part of the first workshop addressed to representatives of local financial organizations, MCA-Honduras launched the Farmers Access to Credit Activity, which represents one of the components of the Rural Development Project that is currently being implemented.   

The event, called “Financing Agriculture”, included a general presentation of MCA-Honduras projects -specially the Farmers Training and Development Activity (FTDA)-, as well as the description of the Farms Access to Credit Activity, the results of the  study “Evaluation of Agricultural Credit In Honduras”, and the presentation of the strategy to respond to obstacles during the verification and implementation phases of key activities.

The event was presided by Martin Ochoa, MCA-Honduras General Director, as well as by Mr. Victor Hugo Molina, Representative of the Ministry of Finance; Mr. Bob Fries of ACDI-VOCA, and , Carol Elwin of MCC-Honduras.

Attendees to the event included representatives of FICOHSA, BANCO ATLANTIDA, BAMER, several private development institutions of the financing sector and private enterprises of the agricultural sector interested in benefiting from the technical assistance benefits to be provided by MCA-Honduras.

The purpose of MCA-Honduras assistance to the financial system is to increase a reliable credit offer and other financial services in favor of the farmers that are currently participating in the FTDA activity, and other rural and agribusiness enterprises.

Among other objectives, the technical assistance is aimed to improve creditor’s participation in the rural sector, to expand the availability and performance of sustainable financial services for agriculture; development of rural credit products; reduction of transaction costs and training in marketing and risk assessment.

The workshop represents the first of several activities and personalized assistance mechanisms that will be provided to all institutions of the Honduran financial system, willing to expand and innovate their portfolio of services in favor of the national agricultural sector.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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