A unique experience in Honduras
Public consulting in the preparation of Resettlement Plans for the CA-5 Road sections, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account

Tegucigalpa.- Following the guidelines of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCA-Honduras has currently started an innovative process to be applied in the preparation of the Involuntary Resettlement Plans, which consists of holding direct public consultation with the project-affected persons, prior to the implementation of any action related to the plan or to the construction  works.

Meeting with members of the community of Santa Cruz Arriba.


Meeting in Las Gradas, near the slope of La Virgen.

MCA-Honduras will be financing the extension of 109 kilometers of Highway CA-5 North, and, in that regard, is also financing the corresponding Resettlement Plans. These plans will be the result of a “person to person” information and communication process, addressed to give special attention to each one of the particular situations and to apply the corresponding compensation and indemnification procedures; all according to MCA-Honduras policies on fair and transparent proceedings.

The compensations and indemnifications established by MCA-Honduras are oriented to improve economic and social conditions for each one of the project-affected persons and communities located along the road sections, making sure that, by the end of the project, the improvements made will represent a major enhancement of the present living conditions in the area.

Member of the communities of Amarateca Valley that will be possibly affected by the project, and who will be subject to resettlement plans


Team of MCA´s specialist in charge of the resettlement plans meeting with member of the community of Puente en Curva, near Siguatepeque.

In this regard, Martin Ochoa, General Director of MCA-Honduras; Esther Aleman, the Transportation Project Director, and consultants of ASP/Giraldo Calle & Co. in charge of the preparation of the resettlement plans, visited several communities to inform about the scope of the project to upgrade Highway A-5 North, and about the purposes and objectives of the resettlement plans.  They also explained the importance of community participation and, in with a responsible and honest attitude, provided the answers to inquiries and concerns expressed by the attendees. 

It is important to emphasize that, since the resettlement process being implemented by MCA-Honduras represents the first in which MCC guidelines will be applied, it will also serve as an implementation guide for the rest of the countries included as beneficiaries of MCC´s cooperation program. The process is also being the first Central American experience in which this new mechanism is implemented for an infrastructure project.


Members of the community of El Carrizal, near Taulabé, and their major Lectonio Maldonado.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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