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Fairness in Bidding Processes

Taulabé, Comayagua.- The Millennium Challenge Account of Honduras, aware of the importance of fairness and transparency in bidding processes, invited all firms that expressed their interest in the Supervision Services for the Construction of Segment II of Highway CA-5 North, to make an inspection tour of all sections to be included in the bidding.

Representatives of a total of nine firms had the opportunity to learn about the preliminary designs for Segment North, which comprises Section 3, which stretches from the end of Comayagua Valley to Siguatepeque, and Section 4, from Siguatepeque to Taulabé.


Engineers explaining the way entries to the city will be built.

Starting at the end of the Project located near the Taulabé Caves, attendees made the tour with intermediate stops at Cuesta de la Virgen and Siguatepeque, where details on the designs for the expansion of the road where provided.

En the colonial city of Comayagua, the Director of the Transportation Project Outside Manager – The Louis Berger Group – presented the request for proposal document, as well as technical details on the geometric design and paving.  In order to complement the information gathered during the site visit, MCA-Honduras Procurement Specialist asked all clarification requests to be formulated in writing, with the purpose of record them as part of the process.

Construction of Segment II of Highway CA-5 will start during the first months of 2008, rehabilitating the entire road and incorporating an ascending third lane in the slopes.  Additionally, a fourth lane Boulevard and the corresponding security structures will be constructed in the Siguatepeque area.


Moments of the induction meeting held at the Municipality of Comayagua.

Respondents will be presenting the technical and financial proposals on August 31st, 11:00 a.m., 2007, at the latest.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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