Comayagua Neighbors Ratified its Engagement for the Acceleration of the Process for the Construction of Secondary Road

Tegucigalpa, July 23, 2007.- In a joint effort, the Community of Ajuterique, producers and exporters of Comayagua, local authorities, and the Congressional Representative for the Department of Comayagua, Mr. Valentin Suarez, met with the Ministry of the Presidency, Mr. Yani Rosenthal, and to MCA-Honduras and MCC representatives, to express their disposition to cooperate with the resettlement process that will result from the project to pave the section Comayagua – Ajuterique – Lejamani – La Paz, a secondary road to be constructed with MCC resources.

MCA-Honduras representatives explained the resettlement policy requirements, which include the preparation of a Plan for the social compensation measures to be offered to the project-affected persons; to this effect and with MCC approval, a declaration to renounce compensation will be prepared and submitted to the local authorities to be negotiated with each one of the owners who, according to the road design, might be affected.

Additionally, through a Municipal Decree, the Local Government Representatives will demand the removal of fences located in the right of way;   This will help to expedite the beginning of the paving works of this important segment, which is being consistently used to  transport export products; and which, due to the bad conditions of the roads, is causing losses to producers  of up to 40% on their merchandise.

As a result of the meeting and in order to accelerate the works, MCA-Honduras, the designer firm, local authorities and the Pro-paving Committee agreed to establish a coordination mechanism for the upcoming process.

The Ministry of Presidency, Yani Rosenthal, met with the group at the Presidential Offices.


Another partial view of the meeting.


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