Meeting Between MCA-Honduras and Democracia sin Fronteras

Tegucigalpa.-  In order to promote the goals and advances of the Millennium Challenge Account of Honduras, Martín Ochoa and Orly Ardila  -MCA-Honduras Executive Director and Communication and Social Organization Officer, respectively-  met with Ana Pineda, Executive Director of Fundación Democracia Sin Fronteras.

In accordance to the transparency guidelines set forth and applied by MCA-Honduras, Mr. Ochoa gave a presentation on the scope  of the Compact signed between the US and the Honduras governments, the projects currently conforming the Program, the advances and goals achieved, as well as the obstacles that have been overcome to improve the implementation process.


Meeting between MCA – Honduras and Democracia sin Fronteras.

Executive personnel from Democracia sin Fronteras also presented their objectives, their conformation and the struggles being undertaken to support Honduran democracy,  according to transparency and human rights guidelines.  It was informed that, as part of their activities, Democracia sin Fronteras is currently involved in assessing and  monitoring a Legislative Directory, some cases of corruption, the forestry legislation and some environmental crimes.

Ms. Pineda and her team, showed interest in learning about the indicator assessed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation  for the assignment of resources to Millennium Accounts worldwide, as well as about situations occurring each year with all the beneficiary countries receiving these funds, since local results, even without being known, have caused controversy in the country.
Other issues approached included political interference, efforts being undertaken against corruption in the country, the success in the transparency processes of MCA-Honduras and the support being granted by Democracia sin Fronteras to the country.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of both institutions expressed their satisfaction about this first contact, and expressed their best wishes regarding the  possibilities to obtain a second compact between the United States of America and Honduras.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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