The Agricultural Grants Committee prepares the evaluation of proposals submitted to the Millennium Challenge Account

Tegucigalpa, September 12, 2007.- In preparation for the competitive process to select the projects to be funded as part of Public Goods Grant Facility,  several meetings have taken place to established the procedures to be followed, and to allow the members of the Grants Committee to get acquainted with the criteria/subcriteria and qualification procedures to be applied in the evaluation of proposals submitted for MCA-Honduras funding.
The members of the Committee have learned details about the current status of the technical evaluation of proposals received on August 17, and have been introduced to the matrix in which the Grant Committee will be registering the scores derived from the evaluation criteria and sub criteria to be applied in the assessing process which is scheduled to start by the end of September.


MCA-Honduras Executive Director, Martín Ochoa, with specialists of the Grants Fund – Wilmer Sanchez and Jose Sanchez – and with Erlindo Cálix, member of the Grant Committee in charge of selecting the projects to be financed by the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation.

In response to the first round of application presented for funding, MCA-Honduras received 129 project profiles, for a global amount of US$56.9 millions.  At the end of this first round, only 23 proposals qualified to present a complete proposal (for US$11.6 millions), and from this first group, MCA-Honduras finally received 18 applications (for US$10.8 millions).  The Grants Fund has US$8.0 millions available.   

Pursuant to the Grants Manual, the endeavors will be selected based on the benefits projected for small and medium producers, according to estimations of the economic return rate.  A strong competition for the grants fund is expected among the applying institutions.

Proposals included in the competitive process include the development of biological control products, new products with added value, communitarian irrigation systems, integrated management of micro-basins, technology validation and transfer, as well as market and animal and plant health  information systems.

The MCA-Honduras Agricultural Goods Grants Fund will place more than Lps.150 millions for this activity, which will cover the Program’s full execution timeframe,   financed by the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation.

The purpose of the Millennium Challenge Account is to support community or social projects, in order to guarantee an increase the productivity and sustainable development of the agricultural sector nationwide.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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