MCA-Honduras will finance paving of 74 kilometers of Secondary Roads, and will improve more than 600 kilometers of Rural Roads

Pre-qualification for the Improvement of Secondary Roads

Tegucigalpa.- On August 31st, MCA-Honduras received applications to participate in the Improvement of Secondary Roads  and is currently in the middle of the prequalification process which is mainly based on the experience of potential contractors regarding works with double treatment pavement and asphalt course.

Contracts for the improvement of secondary roads financed by MCC might involve construction for up to four sections, as well as additional secondary roads.  These works might be performed independently or simultaneously and according to any combination of sections for which the contractor presents the minimum required capacity.


MCA-Honduras specialists during the opening of the proposals.

The preliminary road list include: Sonaguera until Kilometre 35 (26.6 Kms); Comayagua – Ajuterique – La Paz (15.9 Kms); Choluteca - Orocuina (23 Kms); and, Dos Caminos - La Lima (9 Kms).


Pre-qualification for the Improvement of Rural Roads

Honduras road network has more than 12,000 km. MCA-Honduras goal is to reduce the transportation cost and to move agricultural products in good conditions to local and regional markets.

MCA-Honduras is in the process of pre-qualifying contractors with experience in the improvement of rural roads and in minor drainage infrastructure.

This process is aimed at improving six lots of approximately 100 km each, and will be assigned independently or simultaneously to any combination of lots for which the contractor demonstrates the minimum required capacity.

Documentation sent by interested applicants was opened at MCA-Honduras offices on September 10th, 2007. 


Applications for the improvement of rural roads were opened on September 10th, 2007.

Totaling between 600 or 900 km. to be assigned in two phases, construction will be implemented in lots of approximately 100 km. each.



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