Successful results in first MCC/MCA regional conference

La Ceiba, Atlántida.- “I would like to declare this first Central American conference a complete success”, expressed Mr. Stacy Rhodes, MCC Director for Latin America, during his closing speech at the MCC/MCA Regional Conference held from the 24th to the 26th of  October, with the attendance of representatives of MCA implementing units of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras.  

The meeting was aimed at sharing good practices, lessons learned and experiences obtained in the implementation of the different Compacts, and at identifying areas for regional coordination within the Free Trade Agreement signed between the United States and Central America (CAFTA-DR).    

The gathering among specialists and the information shared served to confirm the potentiality of the Millennium Challenge Accounts to boost regional impacts through the investments being made in common areas, such as rural development and transportation.  Detailed evaluations on country programs also showed the need to avoid any possible contradiction among them.

Stacy Rhodes, MCC Director for Latin America, participating during the meeting.

With regard to the CAFTA-RD, the Millennium Challenge Accounts are currently strengthening initiatives included in the treaty, aimed at enhancing competitiveness conditions for small and medium entrepreneurs by offering them, not only with technical assistance, opportunities for better  income,  good infrastructure,  as well as with the  tools,  instruments and links needed to access markets, but also by providing better road connections to facilitate a more dynamic and efficient transportation for their goods.

Partial view of the attendees to MCC/MCA Regional Conference.

It is in this way that work is being coordinated among the countries to benefit from the opportunities in areas such as agricultural production and export, guided by the common goal to procure growth and sustainable development for the region, in order to meet quality and effectiveness requirements demanded by globalized markets. 

The meeting also showed that Central American and the Compacts represent a new model for the rest of the world.  “For me, it has been a pleasure to work with you” expressed Rhodes in his closing and farewell speech, since as of November 2007, he will be performing new responsibilities as MCC Director of Compacts Preparation. The occasion served to introduce Mr. Darius Mann, MCC Director of Compacts in Execution, and Ms. Frances Reid, Deputy Director for Latin America.

Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador are the three countries that have signed agreements for funding with MCC.  El Salvador has recently started execution of a Compact that will be implemented through the next five years. 

Directors of Central American MCAs: Juan José Llort of El Salvador; Juan Sebastián Chamorro of Nicaragua; and the host, Martín Ochoa of Honduras.
Attendees to the First MCC/MCA Regional Conference.



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