MCA-Honduras Receives Training on Transparency Law


Tegucigalpa.-  As part of the Anti-Corruption Program of the Government of the Republic of Honduras,  MCA-Honduras staff and officials of the Institute for the Access to Public Information (IAPI) participated in a meeting aimed to understand and promote the Transparency Law and the corresponding  mechanisms for its implementation.

Due to characteristic transparency in which MCA-Honduras has executed all  processes related to its projects,  most of the requirements set forth by the Law are being complied through the web site, which is being continuously updated.



MCA-Honduras staff during the meeting to present the Transparency Law.


As a result of the meeting, attendees obtained a  more clear understanding of the Law, specifically on issues such as the role of the IAPI and that of the information officers, the aspects related to bilateral agreements and other aspects of mutual interest.

On behalf of the Project Management Unit, Mr. Roberto Meléndez, MCA-Honduras Administrative and Financial Director thanked Mr José Baltasar Campos, Ricardo Estrada and José Francisco Cálix of  IAIP, for their interest in promoting and explaining this new legislation.

On their part, IAPI´s representative offered their best assistance to clear any doubts about the Law or its application, expressing that the IAIP´s goal is to create awareness among the population regarding its right to obtain information promptly, thus achieving more transparency in all governmental institutions.



2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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