FTDA sponsors publishing of technical material



Tegucigalpa.- Through the Farmers Training and Development Activity, MCA-Honduras has sponsored the publication of two booklets of national interest:  the guide on “Integrated Plague Management in Cucurbita Species” and “Guide for Recognizing and Handling Viruses in Horticultural Crops”.

Although the sponsoring is also pecuniary, the technical support granted by FTDA is even more important due to the transfer of knowledge and technology obtained through the FTDA specialists, which will favor not only MCA-Honduras beneficiary farmers, but all the producers that will be accessing to these publications.

Printing of the manual and the guide, distributed among technicians and NGOs farmers of NOG, reached about 2,000 copies and interested individuals might obtain them at El Zamorano School of Agriculture.

Participants on behalf MCA-Honduras included the renowned Honduran professionals Ricardo Lardizabal and Lorena Lastres, who are currently working hand-in-hand with producers participating in the Farmers Training and Development Activity.

For example, the high proportion of plagues (insects, bacteria and weeds) in the plantation of melon and watermelon is the cause of millionaire losses, and their control is fundamental for the development of a fine agriculture. The approach of the manual focuses on the individual handling and controlling of each plague.

On one hand, the virus is a disease that causes fading of the plants foliage and that is transmitted by insects acting as fast-spreading agents of the disease in the whole plantation.  One of the signals to identify the virus is through changes in the hydration of leaves and fruits that start looking withered, yellow, and present slow growth and yielding.

These guides represent another of MCA-Honduras contribution, through FTDA, to help local farmers to improve their  production, productivity and profitability.



2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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