Grants Committee approves seven projects for MCA-Honduras funding



Tegucigalpa.- In November 2007,  and within  MCA-Honduras Agricultural Public Goods Grant Facility framework,  funding for seven projects was approved by both the Grant Committee and the Millennium Challenge Corporation

After thorough analysis based on the institutional background of the applicant and the project’s  rate of return, on December 13th, 2007, MCA-Honduras signed Grant Agreements with  seven of institutions that participated and were finally selected.  The total amount of these grants reaches more than 79 million lempiras.


Guillermo Alvarado Downing, Chester Thomas, Martín Ochoa and José Albino Sánchez, during the ceremony held to sign the Grant Agreement with with  Aldea Global Project.


Los proyectos a financiarse y que ahora son parte de las ejecutorias de la Cuenta del Milenio son:

  1. Community Irrigation Systems for Horticultural Production in the Department of San Barbara  (implemented by  ADRA) .

  2. Increasing the Productivity and Income of Small and Medium Scale Farmers By Using Biological Control in Horticultural Production (implemented by Zamorano School of Agriculture)

  3. Association Brotherhood of Honduras:  Strengthening the Unitarian Economy of Small Horticultural Producers in the Department of Ocotepeque. (implemented by Honduras Brotherhood Association)

  4. Marketing and Competitiveness Among Horticultural Producers of the Celaque, Belen Gualcho and Ocotepeque Plateau (Implemented by Aldea Global Project) .

  5. Development of Crops Recently Adapted to the Conditions of  the Municipalities of the Valle Department (implemented by CHF International).

  6. Increasing Productivity and Sustainable Income of Micro, Small and Medium Honduran Agribusiness Processors (implemented by Zamorano School of Agriculture).

  7. In-vitro Production of Clones of Coffea Arabica Hybrid by Somatic Embryogenesis (implemented by the Honduran Coffee Institute). 



Martín Ochoa, Jesús Alonso Pineda and  José Albino Sánchez closing the deal regarding the Grant Agreement.

Martín Ochoa and Milton Funes with representatives of CHF Internacional, MCA-Honduras and  MCC, alter signing the Agreement. .


The development of these seven projects will directly benefit more than 14 thousand persons, and more than 80 thousand indirectly,  nationwide

MCA-Honduras specialists are very satisfied by the effort applied by several NGO´s to obtain financing, and are pleased to work hand-in-hand with national implementing institutions, for the economic growth of the Honduran people involved in the agricultural sector and in small and medium businesses.

Prospects are aimed to hold a second round of the Grant Fund in the first months of 2008.



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