Respondents to the Procurement Process for the Construction of Highway CA-5 North Visit the Site 


Tegucigalpa, January 29, 2008.- According to the transparency policy applied in all procurement process related to  Highway CA-5 North, construction firms and MCA-Honduras executives visited the stretch comprising Comayagua Valley-Siguatepeque-Taulabé. 

During the visit, MCA-Honduras representatives provided detailed information on the resettlement of persons to be affected by the enlargement works, the relocation of public services, the special attention areas; they also supplied additional details that will help respondents to present their best proposals.



One of the stops during the field visit with the interested respondents.


The firms participating in the field visit were:  ASTALDI, SBI Internacional Holdings, Hidalgo e Hidalgo, Constructora Nacional – CONASA, Cia Verdu Construcción de Obras de Ingeniería Civil, Consotium Santos & Cia - PRODECON and Consortium MECO/Corporación M&S Internacional.

In order to present the requirements and technical aspects to be taken into consideration to submit their proposals, prior to the field visit, a meeting was held with the pre-qualified firms interested in the process for the construction of the first section to be financed by MCA-Honduras.


The first section to be build by MCA_Honduras: End of Comayagua Valley-Siguatepeque-Taulabé.


The field visit included several stops at key landmarks of the future construction, where representatives of MCA-Honduras and of The Louis Berger Group, acting as the Transportation Outside Manager, explained technical details of the stretches to be enlarged. Technical and financial proposals are expected to be submitted by the end of February.

The improvement of the 49.5 km of this section makes part of MCA-Honduras commitment to complete Honduras Logistic Corridor which will bring development to the country´s flourishing Central Zone, characterized by its agricultural growth and services. The enhancement and enlargement works of the road will start by the end of July, 2008.


Part of attendees to the  pre-conference






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