Accompanied by MCA-Honduras and Hermandad de Honduras
Community Empowered to protect water sources


Belén Gualcho, Ocotepeque.- In order to guarantee sustainability of the natural resources, 50  beneficiary farmers of the Project United Economy, co-financed by the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras and implemented by the Association Hermandad de Honduras, acquired 45 hectares located in the buffer zone of Celaque National Park.

With this strategy, the forests as well as the water sources that will feed the irrigation system to be installed during the coming months will be protected in a more efficient way.

The purchase of the land by the farmers obeys to the fact that, even though located in the buffer zone of Celaque National Park, it is being menaced by indiscriminate cut and migratory agriculture taking place in the zone.

Each one of the beneficiaries contributed voluntarily with a quota of L1,345.00 (US$70.00) to cover the land value, legal costs, and other additional expenses for the transaction.  This contribution represents an additional counterpart from United Economy Project, and as well as an evidence of empowerment on the part of the project’s beneficiaries, which could be replicated for other projects.

Besides guaranteeing the scope and goals of the project, Solidarity Economy beneficiaries are also contributing to guarantee the sustainable access to water for all neighboring communities.



Beneficiaries of the Solidarity Economy Project in Belén Gualcho.



2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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