State of the Art Technology for Biological Control.


Zamorano.- During the month of May, the Pan-American Agricultural School (Zamorano) will have available six new greenhouses to begin the research process that will assist farmers to implement biological plague control in their vegetable production.  This activity is being developed as part of the Biological Control Project, financed with MCA-Honduras resources in association with Zamorano.  

The biological control will be undertaken by managing three natural enemies, and by optimizing   methodologies to define indicators, fertility and male-female ratio in these organisms.  After this preliminary research, greenhouses will be used for the commercial production of the insects.

The greenhouses, of 250 m2 each, will be completely mechanized, made of galvanized iron, with a covering of polycarbonate and ventilated across special turbines; they will have a shadow screen and independent sensors to measure and control temperature and moisture, as well as window mesh to prevent insects from entering or leaving; an automated irrigation system and sliding doors.

Greenghouses will be equipped with the highest technology to encourage reproduction of the natural enemies, with appliances to control moisture, temperature and light in order to create the optimum conditions for reproduction.

On February 8, 2008, a contract was signed with and Spanish firm for the acquisition and mounting of the equipment, with the commitment to have them ready to function according to schedule.



Place where the greenhouses will be built as part of the Biological Control Project



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