The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and Municipal Authorities jointly working for the upgrading of  Rural Roads


Tegucigalpa.- Mayors of the  33 municipalities that in November 2007 signed Co-Financing Agreements as part of the Farms to Market Roads Activity, and executives of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras met with  representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Finance, General Accountability Office, Ministry of Finance and of the Millennium Challenge Corporation in order to define the procedures required to successfully perform the transfer of cash counterparts, needed to implement the works in the sections of the roads selected by the municipalities.

 Municipal counterparts will be paid in cash and in kind.  The majority of municipalities participating in this activity have decided to pay their counterpart in cash, applying the funds transferred to them by the Central Government.  Other municipalities have decided to cover their counterpart with their own resources or through the aid being received by the Fondo Cafetero Nacional (National Coffee Fund).

The mayors and mayoresses had the opportunity to have their questions answered during the meeting, which was of great benefit both for MCA-Honduras and the local and governmental authorities, since this activity represents a joint effort, needing the effective participations of all parties involved.  

Martin Ochoa, MCA-Honduras General Director, gave them a cordial welcome and emphasized the fact that counterparts will be needed by March 11th, in order to initiate the procurement of construction works in the roads requiring the co-financing in cash.


Form left to right, Víctor Hugo Molina, Martín Ochoa, Carol Elwin, Francisco García and Rony Isabel Zúniga.


Marius Magaña lawyer of MCA-Honduras it directs to the attending mayors misters.




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Cuenta del Desafío del Milenio, Honduras.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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