SOPTRAVI and the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras
Coordinating actions to clear the right of way in Highway CA-5 North


Tegucigalpa.- Through its Right of Way Unit, SOPTRAVI will be coordinating with MCA-Honduras  the inventory of the structures –sings, billboards- located on the right of way of the sections of Highway CA-5 comprising: Río del Hombre – Beginning of Comayagua Valley, and End of Comayagua Valley – Taulabé.

The Inventory will allow the identification of all sings and billboards occupying the right of way, as well as the identity of their owners.  Once the survey is completed, SOPTRAVI will be officially notifying the deadlines in which these structures should be removed or relocated in order not to interfere with the enlargement or rehabilitation works taking place in Highway CA-5 North.



Signs or billboards located on the right of way of Highway CA-5 North will have to be removed.


In case of not compliance from the part of the owners, SOPTRAVI will proceed to dismount and place the structures in storage for a maximum of two months before applying a fee.

The clearance of the right of way at section End of Comayagua Valley – Taulabé should be completed by May 2008, and the one corresponding to section Comayagua – Beginning of Valle of Comayagua in July. It is expected that the advertising agencies and the other institutions involved will timely proceed with the indications.

If necessary, MCA-Honduras will provide logistics for this activity, while specialists of SOPTRAVI’s  Right of Way Unit and those of the General Directorate of Highways will be in charge of carrying out the field surveys and of preparing the corresponding reports.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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