Verifying equal opportunities for women
Representatives of North American NGO visit MCA-Honduras Projects



Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., March 3, 2008.  Interested in learning and monitoring the gender equity policies applied by MCA-Honduras, Nora O'Connell and Catalina Rojas, representatives of  the North American NGO "Women Thrive Worldwide ", visited some of the projects that are currently  being implemented.

The two MCA-Honduras Grant Fund projects selected were:  Community Irrigation Project  implemented by ADRA, and by the project for and Integrated System of Production implemented by Global Village, whose area of influence comprises the municipalities of Concepción del Sur in Santa Bárbara, and  Belén Gualcho in Ocotepeque. Visits also included the women of El Moral in the Ocotepeque Department that are currently participating in  the Farmers Training and Development Activity (FTDA).

During the visits and the dialogue exchanges, the men and women beneficiaries of the project expressed their satisfaction and contentment for the benefits derived from the three projects, which are being reflected  not only in economic growth and in new agricultural practices, but in the overall improvement of living conditions in their communities.

Mss. O’Connell and Rojas had the opportunity to observe the degree of advance and growing interest to include gender issues in the implementation of the projects supported by MCA-Honduras, such as in the selection of women as partners from the part of NGO’s interested in adopting a general family approach in the execution of their projects, and in identifying and appreciating the economic and social role of women and men within their productive units, families and communities.

This way,  and as a result of their active participation in informative meetings and of their leading role in the Water Councils of the projects, the inclusion of women can be demonstrated by the degree of understanding shown by them regarding the goals and benefits of the projects.  


Meetings with women beneficiaries of the project being implemented by ADRA and Global Village.


These visits serve to reinforce the monitoring activities of the gender approach that has to be taken into consideration the criteria in all processes to evaluate proposals submitted to MCA-Honduras, as well as in all  qualification, implementation and monitoring processes of the projects being funded. 

The representatives of Women Thrive Worldwide expressed their satisfaction for the positive advance observed regarding equal opportunities issues in the execution of projects, emphasizing the need to continue and intensify these efforts.




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