“Gigantic Steps Forward” in the Biological Control Project


Zamorano.- On March 13, 2008, and in accordance with the requirements of the Donation Agreement signed on December 12, 2007, the second deliverable of the Biological Control Project has been submitted.


Lab technicians of the Biological Control Project working to complete the second deliverable.


Each quarter a progress report on the project has to be presented to MCA-Honduras. This second deliverable includes a report on the selection process of the pests and  alternatives chosen for the biological control; the greenhouses designs and the procurement of materials; the information and communication plan of the project; and, a progress report on the execution.  The documents were submitted in Tegucigalpa, demonstrating that the proposed goals and the work plan are being duly fulfilled.

Zamorano is ready to initiate construction of the research rooms and has all the necessary purchase orders for the equipment.  On the other hand, materials to install the greenhouses are on their way from Spain and are expected to arrive in Honduras early next month. After complying with  customs procedures,  installation is expected to start by the end of May.

It is also expected that the natural enemies to be imported will be also be in the country by the month of May, in order to allow the senior year students to start  research for their thesis, under the supervision of the lab technicians.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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