Field Technicians Ready to Assist Agro-Industrial MSME


Pan-American Agricultural School.  February, 2008.  Three training courses on food processing addressed to the Field Technical Advisors of the Added Value Project were recently held at Zamorano in order to instruct the current 30 beneficiary MSME.

The training comprised topics such as “Development of New Food Products”, " Quality and Food Health Management “and " Conservation of Fruits and Vegetables by Combined Methods", the last two were given by representatives of FAO-Rome.

The training developed by field technicians  -Oscar Espinoza, Helcer Recinos, Vagnum Rivera and Silvia López- will be of relevant importance to monitor the project performance, the training program development and the final evaluation.

Courses lasted four days, two of which were destined for presentations and theoretical explanations on topics included in the program; the remaining days were employed in developing the practical phase of the training at Zamoranos facilities.  Besides the specialists, participants included 50 representatives of agro-industrial MSME’s; representatives of NGO’s like INFOP, Save the Children, World Vision and PESA/FAO; as well as all field staff of the food processing department.



Course on fruit and vegetable preservation by combined processing.




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