Cooperation and participation agreement signed with aprocacaho


Alianza Estratégica Favorece a Productores de Cacao del País


Zamorano, April 2008.- During a visit of the president of the Honduran Association of Cocoa Producers (APROCACAHO), a cooperation and participation memorandum of agreement that will be benefiting all cacao producers nationwide, was signed between the Pan-American Agricultural School “Zamorano” and APROCACAHO.

APROCACAHO represents a non-lucrative organization founded on March 7, 1894, conceived to make active part in the cocoa productive process, whose main objective is to achieve social and economic benefits for their members, and to promote improvement of cocoa farming techniques, industrialization and marketing. 

This alliance is aimed at gathering information on current cocoa producers that sell their crops in the national market, and a lesser scale, in the international markets.  The goal of the Added Value Project of MCA-Honduras is to assist five cocoa plantations in order to develop chemical standards to identify and define unique qualities and characteristics to create this “trademark” in order to encourage the positioning of the best cacao in Honduras.

With the cooperation of APROCACAHO, the project Added Value will undoubtedly keep on providing assistance to the Honduran MSME in order to offer more competitive products to the market and to improve overall perspectives for local cocoa producers.



Visit to Mr. Aníbal Ayala, president of APROCACAHO.




The Cooperation Agreement between APROCAHO  and  Zamorano being signed.







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