El Trapiche, Langue, Valle, March 29, 2008.- As part of the diagnosis to implement the Water Harvest Project financed by MCA-Honduras, 19 farmers from the community of  El Trapiche had the chance to present their local development process during the workshop called “Lets Talk About Our Community”,

Applying this methodology of community participation, the farmers were able to tell how, since the 70’s, their group has been growing and progressing. The information provided will be used  to prepare the social diagnosis needed to identify how the community will be advancing after the Project´s implementation.

During the sixty’s we were just six families, had abundant water and planted sugar cane … that is how we got our name … El Trapiche (sugar mill in English)”, explained don Diego Díaz, a descendant of one of the founders of the village.

Currently, the village is formed by 36 families of farmers dedicated to the farming of corn, sorghum, watermelon in small scale, beans and calabash.  Other productive activities comprise dairy cattle,   goats and pigs, although these do not represent a large part of their income. The area is considered one of the poorest among the ones assisted by the Program.  Contrary to other sectors, the remittances do not constitute a significant source of income for the farmers’ families.

With the hope for better days reflected on their faces, El Trapiche residents enthusiastically provided the information being requested in order to have their community qualified as candidate to participate in the Water Harvest Project.

Doña Jenny Cruz expone el trabajo de su grupo.


Grupos de trabajo en el taller participativo.







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