Land legalization for mca-honduras water harvest project


La Guasimada, Goascorán, Valle, April 18, 2008.- Producers of the communities of Río Apasapo, Junquillo II, El Trapiche and Juanchos located in the municipalities of Aramecina, Goascorán, Langue and Nacaome respectively, are in the process of legalizing the land where the hydraulic works required for rain water collection are going to be built.

Some of the owners of the land needed for the works are willingly transferring it, and others are reaching economic agreements with the farmers. 


CHF Engineers  Máximo García and Orvin Argueta, reviewing the documentation to prepare the collective use permits.


Works will include the construction of a dam, a collection system, a distribution system and reforestation activities in the neighboring areas.

The legalized documents represent the base to issue permits for the collective use of the land where the works are going to be built.

During earlier conversations, requests for support were presented to the mayors of Goascorán, Langue, Aramecina and Nacaome in order to obtain their priority to expedite the permits regarding collective used and environmental legality, thus facilitating prompt implementation of the project’s activities. . 

The municipal authorities of Aramecina have been very receptive, and are willing to issue the collective use permits that will allow works to begin before any radical change in the climate conditions could interfere with the projected construction program.

Depending on the time needed for the land  legalization and the collective use permits, the  works are scheduled to start  during the first two weeks of May.




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