The Biological Control Project Prepares the Installation of Greenhouses


Zamorano.- In order to coordinate installation works programmed for next May, on April 1st, 2008, the Biological Control Project received the visit of three representatives of MSC, a firm in charge of the preparation, transportation and installation of six greenhouses to be built near the biological control laboratory of the Pan-American Agricultural School

During the meeting held between the project implementing agency and MCS representatives the installation period was set from May 1st to the 30th , and it was possible to discuss details on the construction plans and to get explanations regarding the requirements needed from MSC to successfully complete installation.

The commitments adopted by the Biological Control Project include: verify availability of a warehouse to store equipment while the greenhouses are being built; have the terrain leveled; build trenches in the terrain to install the piping; build a shed to  store the pumps and pipes of the drip irrigation system; water transportation; installation of the electric system in the terrain,  and the preparation of a water reservoir.

The six greenhouses will be used in the studies and reproduction of the three main natural enemies of pests affecting vegetable crops in Honduras, propitiating positive changes in the  productivity of the agricultural sector.


Representatives of both  the Biological Control Project and MSC.




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