Auditors Visit the Biological Control Project


Zamorano, April 2008.- Recently, the staff of the Biological Control Project received the visit of international auditors of the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras,  who traveled from Washington in order to learn about the progress achieved by the Project, as well as to interact with the staff.





The team of auditors included Mamesho Macaulay, Robert Fry and Mauricio Guzmán, all from the United States. During their visit they were guided by  Rogelio Trabanino, the Biological Control Project Coordinator.


Rogelio Trabanino atendió a los auditores.


The visit included a tour of the facilities of the Biological Control Laboratory, a presentation on the works and research currently being carried out,  as well as on the execution of the project financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

The visitors also inspected the site where, starting May, the six greenhouses are going to be built for investigation purposes.  The main objective of the  Biological Control Project is to  develop three natural enemies to be used as pest control agents to protect the main vegetable crops in Honduras.


Parte del recorrido de los auditores por la sede del Proyecto Control Biológico.




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