Support from the Municipality of Goascorán to Agricultural Producers of el Junquillo



Images of the meeting held between the Mayor of Goascoran and agricultural producers of El Junquillo.


El Junquillo, Goascorán, Valle,  May 2008.- During a meeting held on April 30, 2008, Mr. Miguel Antonio Velásquez, Mayor of Goascoran, conveyed his commitment to support the agricultural producers of the Community of El Junquillo.  The funds committed will derive from allocations from the Poverty Reduction Strategy, annually assigned to the municipality by the Central Government.

According to the Mayor, the funds will be partially destined for loans to the producers of El Junquillo, to be invested in the installation of irrigation systems, and as working capital for the crops they are planning to produce.  The amounts and conditions for the financing  will be discussed during Municipal Council meetings.

The Mayor also informed that works such as the  improvement of the road to the community (currently under way) and the inauguration of the new market in Goascoran will facilitate access to and from the production areas and will promote a better marketing for their products.


We should stop being only a bridge for the Central American regional commerce and become producers of agricultural products and services ourselves.  This will only be achieved through the support given to produce what the community and its neighbors  need”, Mr. Velasquez said.



The participation of the Mayor took place as part of the meeting held by CHF International, the organization in charged of the Project “Water Harvests”, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account – Honduras.  The meeting was organized in an effort to define a cooperation program between the Municipality and the producers of El Junquillo.




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