Biological Control Project – developing human capital


Zamorano.- During the month of May 2008, the students of the senior year arrived after a 15 weeks practice.  Now, and as part of the research for their thesis, four students majoring in Agricultural Science and Production are currently collaborating in the production of Natural Enemies for the Biological Control Project, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

These students are Liliana Nolasco (Honduran), Walter Martínez (Nicaraguan), Oscar Suazo (Honduran) and Federico Muños (Costa Rican ), all wishing to learn about environmentally friendly production methodologies that can respond to the new global challenges.

Liliana Nolasco made her practice at RASA, Incubadora S.A. of the Alcon Group. Her thesis is aimed at developing a methodology to produce Orius insidiosus, a natural enemy of   Thrips tabaci. “ I wish to give my contribution so that Honduras can produce food free of chemical residues… employing biological controllers… such as in the case of the Orius insidiosus, a poliphaguspredator that can be employed against several pests that attack our crops”, affirmed.





Walter Martinez and Oscar Suazo made their practice at Ingenio Santa Ana in Guatemala, where they worked in managing the sugar cane crop (manual and mechanized) and in the  biological control laboratory at the sugar mill.  “In our thesis we will include an evaluation of heterorhabditis bacteriophora to control the spodoptera  frugiperda in corn crops in normal field conditions”’ expressed Walter enthusiastically.


Walter Martínez, Liliana Nolasco and Oscar Suazo will be collaborating with the Biological Control Project.


Federico Muños made its practice at the Biological Control Laboratory in Zamorano, where he worked developing antagonism tests with entomopatogenous fungi.  “I will work with the  White Fly and, in my thesis,  I intend to define a reproduction method under Zamorano conditions, to produce the
Eretmocerus eremicus parasitoid ”.

Evaluations will be oriented to the investigations of different methodologies to reproduce natural enemies, and  to obtain a production protocol for each of those natural enemies.






2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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