Works for the construction of the biological control lab have begun


Zamorano, May, 2008.- The Biological Control Project, currently being executed by MCA-Honduras and Zamorano, is in the process of building a small laboratory near  the six greenhouses, which will be used for the packing and storage of Natural Enemies.





Construction works for the Biological Control Laboratory will begin on May 31st.   The laboratory will have the necessary equipment to evaluate the quality of the organism being produced (natural enemies), as well as  to define the sex of  them and adjust the male-female ratio.

The laboratory will have an area of 150 m2, distributed in a vestibule and eight rooms for the packing of each natural enemy.  It will also have an storage room for different materials and two 3mx3m cold rooms for the storage and preservation  of the natural enemies, once transferred from the greenhouses.


Construction works for the laboratory under way.


The lab will be equipped, among others, with computers, dehumidifiers, microscopes, stereoscopes, laminar flow chambers, incubator, growth chambers and video and photo cameras.

Besides the laboratory, the contractor will connect the water for the irrigation system, build a shed to install the irrigation system for the greenhouses, and a tank for water storage. 

The contractor is committed to finish the works in 40 days and, once completed, the laboratory will be ready to start operations.




Excavations for the irrigation water reservoir.




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