Greenhouses Installation Begins



Zamorano.- The installation process for the greenhouses of the Biological Control Project started in the month of May. As part of the Biological Control Project being executed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and Zamorano, these greenhouses will contain the host plants for the reproduction of the natural enemies,

Currently working in the installation is Mr. Ramon Turcios, technician of Fabricas Agricolas MSC who, along with his team, has


Pillar for the greenhouses have been already installed.



  begun to install the pillars that will hold the structure of the greenhouses; after a few weeks a galvanized structure will be place on top to hold the shading for the roof.  



The greenhouses will have the most advanced technology to control humidity, temperature and light, and will have a drip irrigation system to facilitate managing different crops and adapting environmental conditions  according to each natural enemies and its host. 

The structures and at least one greenhouse are expected to be completely installed by the month of July.  In order to initiate the


Works for the foundations under way.


investigations, all six greenhouses are scheduled to be operating in August




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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