Visit of expert to the Project Biological Control


León Nicaragua.- On May 28, 2008, Ms. Alicia Joya of the Biological Control Project met with Ms. Enilda Cano, Head of the Center for the Research and Reproduction of Biological Controllers, in order to share findings and establish parameters for the technical assistance to be granted to the Biological Control Project implemented by both MCA-Hondruas and Zamorano.  

One of the project activities is the reproduction of the hosts that will be feeding the Natural Enemies, such as the Galleria mellonella (a pest attacking beehives), for the predator nematode (H. bacteriophora), which in turn serves as food for the nematode of similar production called Orius insidiosus.  In both cases and for feeding purposes, it will be necessary to keep production of eggs of the  Sitrotroga cerealella.

Ms. Enilda Cano.


Due to the experience developed by the Laboratory of the University of Leon in Nicaragua regarding production of cerealella (as food for other natural enemies), the Biological Control Project has requested technical assistance to carry out the process in Honduras.

“During the visit it was possible to inspect the laboratory installations and to get information on how the production of S. cerealella is being carried out… As a result we have already identify how to begin production at Zamorano, introducing the required changes and tests to adapt a suitable production system, considering the environmental differences of both locations”,  expressed Alicia Joya.


Alicia Joya inspecting the installations of the Investigation Center at the University of Leon .




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