Submital of offers and awarding of works in the community of Rio Apasapo




La Guacimada, Goascorán, Valle, June of 2008.


On Behalf of the Municipality of Aramecia-Valle, I conveyed our gratitude to the Millennium Challenge Corporation and to CHF International, as implementer of the Water Harvest Project, for having selected the community of Río Apasapo as the site to execute the pilot project of this innovative development initiative”. 


With these words, on June the 3rd, and in the offices of the Regional Center for Business Links and Opportunities Links, Ms. Aminda Contreras, Mayor of Aramecina-Valle, expressed her satisfaction during the act to witness the submittal of three technical and economic offers for the construction of the dam and complementary works in the community of Río Apasapo.

This event took place as part of the execution of the Water Harvest Project, and demonstrates CHF International’s interest in complying with the commitment acquired with MCA-Honduras, in order to develop productive systems to provide 180 producers with water to irrigate 90 hectares of farming land.

The three submitted offers were evaluated and scored by a technical team of CHF International.  The construction works, for an amount of Lps. 1,862,412.14, were awarded to INVERZA S de RL.  Having been notified, the firm is ready to sign the  contract next week, in order initiate works during the first two weeks of July, 2008.



Images corresponding to the act of submittal of the technical-economic offers for the construction of the dam and other complementary works for the Rio Pesaro Project. Photographs present attendees witnessing the act, including community representatives, contractors, Doña Arminda Contreras and staff of CHF International.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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