Biological Control Project searching for  sustainability 


Tegucigalpa, June, 2008.- A recent meeting was held at MCA-Honduras offices, with the participation of Alicia Joya and Elizabeth Ochoa, technicians of the BIOLOGICAL CONTROL Project; and Wilmer Sanchez and Orlando Mejia of MCA-Honduras, to discuss  the guidelines applying to the monitoring and evaluation plan of the project.

After analyzing the survey designed to formulate the baseline of the project, the conclusion was to define this tool to create an initial diagnosis regarding beneficiaries, specifically producers participating in the Farmers Training and Development Activity (FTDA), also financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

Discussions regarding evaluation mechanisms to adopt the technology were also discussed.  The Biological Control Project has very  highly structured goals, needing profound investigative work.  The target is not just producing three natural enemies to confront the main pest that attack the vegetable production nationwide, but to incentivate farmers to employ the technology, getting the most of it. It is difficult to determine the degree of adaptation during the project’s time of execution since, in order to evaluate the results it will be necessary to wait two or more years after the farmers adopt the technology. In view of this, a preliminary evaluation method is being analyzed while a more detailed study will be formulated in the medium term.

The meeting is the first of the many that will take place between representatives of both Zamorano and MCA-Honduras, to correctly monitor the project and to guarantee its excellent execution.






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