Integrated Production System Project
Preparations for the Selection of Members of the Water Councils


Belen Gualcho, Ocotepeque, July 14, 2008.- With support from the Organization Program, the Integrated Production System Project is in the process to select, out of the beneficiaries of the municipality of Belen Gualcho,  the members of the Irrigation Water Management Councils.

About 190 beneficiaries have attended the meeting and workshops held to explain the scope of the project financed by the Millennium Challenge Account of Honduras; the benefits to be obtained by participating in its different activities; and, above all, the importance of holding a position on the board of directors of the Water Management Councils. 

A socioeconomic analysis was applied to each one of the beneficiaries, with emphasis on a) Knowledge about production processes; b) Current and potential distribution channels; c) Production Planning; d) Income from production and from other family activities; e) Other socioeconomic information (infrastructure conditions, number of children, etc.).

The organization of the councils is aimed at securing an efficient use of the water tanks and dams for the irrigation system.   According the geographical location and number of beneficiaries, a council must operate for each irrigation system.

The next step is the selection and training of all the irrigation water management councils in the municipality, and their incorporation into the Celaque Producers Association. (APROCEL)


The goals of the Integrated Production System Project have been socialize with men and women farmers of the Municipality of de Belen Gualcho.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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