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La Guasimada, Goascorán, Valle, July 25th, 2008.- Producers of the communities of El Junquillo II and Río Apasapo had de opportunity to share experiences and viewpoints with respect to the Water Harvests Project, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras.

The issues discussed and analyzed by the  participants included: permanent farming during the year, a more profitable use of the soil, healthier regular diets for the families, local job generation, larger offer of agricultural products at local supermarkets, implementation of new methods and technology in the agricultural production processes.  Acting as moderator during discussion was Orvin Argueta, specialist of CHF International, the implementing agency.

 Farmers of Rio Apasapo explained to their colleagues from El Junquillo II, the advantages of applying the new production techniques like: no agricultural burning, incorporation of drip irrigation, soil preparation, pest and disease control; raised bed farming, crops diversification and rotation. The operation of a fertiirrigation systems of ultra low pressure during the dry seasons, and the application of good agricultural practices lead to obtaining better quality products and to maintain production during the whole year.   

By applying and developing advanced production methods, the  price of my products in the market have been the better than those of other farmers, and I have become a permanent supplier of local supermarkets; that is why I invite other producers of El Junquillo II to develop and apply in the best way possible, the production methods included in the Water Harvests Project”, expressed Marel Hernández, a farmer of Rio Apasapo, now experienced in farming with drip irrigation systems.

“As a producer and acting as spokesperson for my colleagues, we thank the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras for believing and taking the risk to support the integral agricultural development of the Valle Department; additionally, we thank CHF- International for their commitment to improve our living conditions in spite of all the obstacles that have to be confronted to achieve the objectives.  This type of trips should be repeated to help us learn about the problems and experiences of our fellow farmers in other municipalities”, commented Luciano Alvarado, President of the Irrigation Council of Río Apasapo.   




Agricultores de Junquillo y Apasapo compartiendo experiencias en campo.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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