The added value project develops new product for “Jose Miel” small enterprise


Project Specialists Develop “Pirulino” candy


Tegucigalpa, August 2, 2008.-  “Pirulino” is an artisan candy that is commonly made out of sugar cane, but the small enterprise called JOSE MIEL wanted one made out of honey.

This small enterprise, located in La Villa de San Antonio, in Comayagua, has been   dedicated only to the commercialization of  honey, but starting with the “Pirulinos”, they are now intending to diversify their products.  The market segment they wish to capture is that of children, although the pleasant taste of the product could also mean a success among consumers of sweets in general.

When JOSE MIEL started testing the new product, the results were not positive since the final product tended to stick to the moulds surface, preventing from extracting the product without having it ruined.

Finally, through regular visits of the field specialists of the Added Value Project financed by MCA-Honduras and implemented by Zamorano,  it was possible to develop the final product by using two alternative methods, one adding a mixture of oils, and another using a waxed paper in order to prevent the mixture from sticking to the mould.

JOSE MIEL is currently commercializing its products at convenient stores, “pulperías” and supermarkets in Comayagua, San Pedro Sula and Tela.


lpirulino a traditional candy.


Comb honey ready to be processed.


By developing “Pirulino” they are helping my enterprise become a more competitive oneJosé Valladares, owner of JOSE MIEL.




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