“ TREASURES FROM THE FIELD” A Small  Enterprise Committed to Quality  
Fruit home wine making,  an innovative industry


Tegucigalpa, August 09, 2008.- Treasures of the Field, an enterprise loated in Guinope, el Paraíso, and devoted to the preparation and commercialization of wine-like beverages using natural fruits, is currently participating in the Added-Value Project.

For one-and-a half years, Mr. Wilfredo Lagos  learned about the art of home wine making, and then decided to organize his family business.   From the start, Wilfredo committed himself to learn about new practices and technologies applied to the business in order to provide the best possible product to for his clients.

He discovered problems to detect and stop fermentation during the maturation period and at the bottling stage; he consulted with some experts but it was until he received technical assistance from field specialists of the Added-Value Project that he started applying Meta bisulfite to solve the problem.

The Meta bisulfite is a lab-produced antioxidant, it is applied once desired fermentation is attained, then blended until obtaining a 50ppm solution to stop fermentation and inactivating the yeasts.  Such mixtures have to be done once a month during the maturation stage, resulting in a fruit wine with all corresponding characteristics regarding taste, smell and body.  

“I am confident the Added-Value Project will inform me about new technologies to improve my products and become competitive in the market”. Wilfredo Lagos, owner of Treasures from the Field (Tesoros del Campo).


Inoculación de Vino.






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