Continuous support from the Municipality of Aramecina to the Water Harvest Project


La Guacimada, Goascorán, Valle. As part of the Water Harvest Project activities, the Municipality of Aramecina  has initiated actions to obtain funds from the Poverty Reduction Strategy (ERP) to buy the ultra low pressure drip irrigation system  for the 32 farmers of the community of  Rio Apasapo currently participating in the Project.

This initiative is included as part of the process to secure co-financing for the Water Harvest Project from other possible sources.  The Project is currently financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and implemented in Southern Honduras by CHF International.

The funds from the Poverty Reduction Strategy (ERP) will be employed in purchasing part of the irrigation modules to implement the Project in this community, a requirement to comply with the counterpart to be provided by the Project beneficiaries.
The cost to install an irrigation system for half acre is of approximate US$ 1,500.  The irrigation systems and the availability of water harvested in dams are enough to improve performance, diversify crops and, and increase the economic income of the  farmers incorporated in the system.      

To contribute to obtain the co-financing counterpart through ERP funding, Ms. Karina Bulnes, an ERP official, gave a presentation to explain the procedures to be followed in order to apply.   

This agreement between local authorities and Rio Apasapo beneficiaries is an unprecedented one in Aramecina and in Southern Honduras, and demonstrates the degree of commitment both parties have to make  this initiative become a reality.





Meeting at CREON (Regional Center for Linkage and Business Opportunities), the main offices of the Water Harvest Project, with the participation of the Mayor of  Aramecina, Ms. Aminda Contreras, Ms.. Karina Bulnes (ERP) and specialists of  CHF Internacional.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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