Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras
Providing Technical Assistance to Producers of the Francisco Morazán Department


The Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras, through its Farmers Training and Development Activity (MCA/FACA) is currently providing technical assistance to local women farmers for the production of aromatic herbs, an activity that has help them generate at least 40 thousand lempiras in eight months.

At present, just in the Francisco Morazán Department, MCA-Honduras has 15 women beneficiaries involved in producing aromatic herbs such as: basil, thyme, tarragon, mint,  rosemary, chive, rue (ruda plant), dill, linden, parsley, chamomile, cudweed (gordolobo herb) and sage.

Marco Bográn de la Cuenta del Milenio dio la bienvenida a la degustación.


The objective is to augment the income according to the farming cycle, providing a development opportunity for women, who without neglecting other activities and in small parcels next to their homes might generate badly needed income for their families. 

Beneficiaries are satisfied with the support being granted, specially since the assistance is being provided by women specialists that work hand-in-hand from the sowing period to the harvest stage… all in accordance to the highest quality standards and to environmentally friendly technologies.  

As a strategy to guarantee the quality of the products, since they are the result of FTDA technical assistance, the commercialization of crops is part of an exclusivity agreement signed with Hortifruti, the intermediary that sells the aromatic herbs to Paiz Supermarkets.

Tasting Events
In order to promote the use of aromatic herbs, MCA/FTDA sponsored a successful food tasting event at Paiz Supermarkets, which included the distributions of recipes and  information on the faming processes.
During the inauguration act, Marco Bográn, MCA-Honduras Deputy Director, thanked  the the supermarket clientele for their response, emphasizing the alternatives MCA/FTDA is making available to local women farmers in order to incorporate then into the country’s  sustainable development.

Other tasting events are being scheduled for September 19, 26 y 27 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Hiper Paiz Las Cascadas, Paiz Plaza Miraflores and  Paiz Mall Multiplaza, respectively.  The chefs belong to the  Hotel School Madrid.




Las clientes con entusiasmo escucharon y tomaron nota de algunas instrucciones.




La señora diputada Doris Gutiérrez degustó los ricos platillos y se llevó su recetario de hierbas aromáticas.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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