Socialization Process of the Water Harvests Project Applied in Other Regions of the Valle Department

With the purpose of promoting the project among producers of Moraicito, Nacaome, in the Valle Department, took place a presentation on the Water Harvests Project, as well as on the identification of new sites and the visualization of physical and technical conditions was held.

Orvin Argueta and William Mayorga, members of the technical team of CHF International, explained the details and benefits that the Water Harvests Project, financed by the Millennium Challenge Account and implemented by CHF International, is offering in different communities.

One of the purposes is to profit from the micro- watershed water until March, through the application of appropriated irrigation techniques in the parcels of 24 beneficiaries, as well as to build a reservoir with special characteristics adapted to the watershed, and to apply technical expertise and state-of-the-art technology in order to improve the current production performance.

Carlos Cruz. Watermelon producer of Moraicito, Valle.

“We ask you not to leave us out of the project, and we confirm our willingness to comply with everything needed to secure our participation, since we are interested in receiving the important benefits that this project will bring to the community”, stated Carlos Cruz, a watermelon producer of the community.  
The Water Harvests Project is being implemented with funding from the Millennium Challenge Account in 7 municipalities of the Valle Department, and is aimed at developing sustainable production systems that guarantee an efficient use of water, and equally efficient agricultural yields.

Identification of physical and technical conditions to implement the Water Harvests Project.  Presentation on the project addressed to the Community of Moraicito in Nacaome-Valle.




2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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