Managing Entities of the Incentives for the Horticulture Production Project start their Organization Process

Ocotepeque. - As part of the socialization process of the Incentives for the Horticulture Production Project took place the election and organization of the Board of Directors that will be managing the Project which is being currently financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras and implemented by the Honduras Brotherhood Association in the community of San Francisco Valle, in the Ocotepeque Department.

The Board of Director has been integrated by 57 members (13 women and 44 men) distributed in a surveillance committee, an irrigation committee, a commercialization committee and an environmental committee.  All members are entitled voice and vote in all decision-making processes for the benefit of the community. 

Once unanimously elected, the new organization chose the name “Alianzas de Valle Agricultural Groups” as the denomination under which the System´s Managing Entity  (SME) will be operating and managing the system, as part of the Incentives for the Horticultural Production Project.

Standing,  Mayor Armando Madrid.

Board of Directors of the   Alianzas Del Valle Agricultural Group, in San Francisco

During the meeting it was possible to discuss and approve the Rules of Procedures under which the new organization will operate.

Armando Madrid, Mayor of San Francisco del Valle, expressed his gratitude to MCA-Honduras for having included his community in this important Project.

Mayor Madrid also invited the producers to be optimistic and to dedicate time and effort to this Project.  He expressed that “since the dream so long desired is now becoming a reality, this way the community will develop with men and women producers, well trained and empowered of the processes and advanced technologies in order to put them into practice in their parcels”.

The Incentives for Horticultural Production project is aimed at implementing an integral production system to increase profitability for horticulture crops and for the producers, providing the necessary tools to confront challenges regarding poverty reduction efforts.


2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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