Technical Assistance for Production of Neoseiulus californicus provided by Brazilian Expert

Dr. Poletti explaining the production of Neoseiulus Californicus in trays to Mr. Trabanino.

Zamorano- The Biological Control Project financed by the Millennium Challenge Account-Honduras received the visit of Dr. Marcelo Poletti, Brazilian expert in mites, who will be providing technical assistance for the production of the predatory mite Neoseiulus Californicus.

Poletti is a member of the PROMIP Program (Integrated Pest Control Management Program) of Piracicaba, Soa Paulo, Brazil, and he is also a specialist in phytoseiid predatory mite production.

The expert is also in charge of the production of 3 species of predatory mites of the Phytoseiide family, with wide experience regarding research and production of these species.  

During this one-week visit, the issues discussed included establishing colonies of Tetranychus urticae and  Neoseiulus californicus; controlling native predators and other organisms by using piretoide insecticides; quality control in production; necessary materials and equipment for this activities.

Other assistance included guidance to carry out research projects and the preparation of activity plans needed to successfully establish mite production.

The issues approached during this week represent the beginning to organize Neoseiulus californicus production and will act as the foundation to implement the quality control program to guarantee the efficiency in the production of this predator, which is needed to control the spider mite that affects horticulture crops, ornamental plants and fruits.

The Biological Control Project Work team and Dr. Poletti.



2009. Millenium Challenge Account. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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